Helping Fast Growing Companies, Grow Faster!

Our clients come to us to when they are looking to accelerate revenue growth, margin and profit. We help:

  • Attract and generate qualified leads that help you to increase revenue and new customers
  • Structure Pricing and Sales Models that help increase revenue and margin throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  • Design and build effective campaigns that reduce cost of acquisition, conversion and retention.

Our clients get the results and outcomes that they expect. We go as far as guaranteeing our results, who can say that?

We keep skin in the game and that assures you the results you want and builds the long term relationships that you need to sustain your growth.

What does QMN mean? QMN stands for Quietly Making Noise and comes from a Jimmy Buffet song of the same  name. A favorite track from Jimmy’s Fruitcake’s album, where we capture the essential lyrics, “not too soft, not too loud, just enough to draw a crowd”. Energized with Jimmy’s flair and classic style, we make a whole lot of beautiful noise for you.

Call, send an email or register for the weekly newsletter that contains some of the most progressive ideas on how you can Quietly Making Noise.

Are you a start up, hitting your first wall or hurdling beyond your wildest dreams, we help fast growing companies, grow faster, plain and simple.

What do our customers get when they come to QMN:

    •  Practical, realistic, executable strategies that work for their business.
    •  Customers that want to buy sooner
    • Customers that are willing to pay more
    • Customers that stay longer

The Difference is in the Details

  • QMN follows a simple 2 step process, we build or strengthen your Platform, the 1st step and then step 2, we systematize the process that nurtures, informs and educates your audience.
  • In the Platform, we use the 4M Framework© – We focus on what matters most in your sales and marketing.  Once these key elements are identified for your business, products and services, we systematize this through your tools or ours like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and present and track this information to your customers in a way that makes buying easy, safe and without risk through media outlets where they consume this information.
  • The approach focuses on more than features and benefits, but quickly unlocks outcomes and transformations that help your customers buy.
  • Pricing and Sales Models that increase revenue and margin and keep customers longer.
    Sales conversations and scripts, pricing models and a sales consultative approach that keeps buyers interest peaked, willing to pay the prices that you ask and increase your conversion ratios resulting in more revenue and profit.
  • Design and build results-oriented campaigns that optimizes cost of acquisition, conversion and retention, guaranteed!



“Done for You” and “Done with You” is the best way to get results in the short term and long term when you do not have the knowledge, tools or connections to get it done. QMN is a full Sales and Marketing Agency that focuses on your results. We leverage our “4M Framework” methodology to ensure consistency and quality but the work is tailored to your business and desired outcomes.

We provide our services customized to your outcomes:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution Plans
  • Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Web Design, Architecture, Build and SEO optimization
  • Copywriting for Sales Letters, eBooks and eZines, Newsletters, White Papers, Web and Business Cases
  • Craft and Maintain multi-platform social media for B2B and B2C
  • Research for Market, Technology, Patents, Competition, Content and Analytics.

Successes that may interest you!

Increased leads, 40% and conversions, 25% – For an ERP software development and services provider, QMN increased by 40% qualified leads and improved conversion ratios by 25% in a 6 month period. The changes included target niches where higher fees are charged due to the company’s expertise and authority in the market. The basic approach is to help this business show up differently, stand out with a distinct voice or message to the market place. These differentiators are presented through enhancing the business content including their web site, white papers, social media pages, business cases and a newsletter supported by campaigns that attract qualified buyers of these services.

An equine pharmaceutical company was challenged breaking into a competitive and full market for performance horses, racing horses, hunter / jumpers and polo. QMN provided a complete strategy on how to effectively enter the target markets with the proper message and media outlets and supported by our CRM system to help nurture and cultivate.

For a ERP software reseller and services provider with an outstanding reputation for quality, but nobody knew them. QMN re-framed their fact oriented content to provide a clear call to action and offers that compels buyers of the software and services to reach out and engage with them. This revised content becomes the heart of micro campaigns that targets buyers through magazine articles, industry groups, email campaigns and has increased qualified leads, reduced lead acquisition costs and invites buying conversations throughout the customer lifecycle.


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